Resolute Fund
Resolute.Fund is a diversified U.S. real estate fund, managed by professionals, with a share class that investors can buy, sell or hold. Anytime.
Fund Investment Strategy and Process

The Fund’s principal investment strategy is to invest in a diversified portfolio of U.S. real estate, with a focus on distressed mortgage loans across the United States.

DIFFERENTIATING FACTOR – Distressed mortgage investments historically produce above average returns, with the security of owning the most senior loan on the property.

The distressed mortgage loans will be senior loans on residential or commercial real estate where the borrower has failed to make payments or are selling at distressed prices for other reasons. Our competitive advantage is our singular focus on loans in the $5-15 million range, where we have limited competition. The Fund will seek to acquire the loans at discounted prices to principal balance, then manage and monetize these mortgage assets employing various methods, including these singularly or in combination: loan modification, foreclosures with sales to third parties, refinancing and deficiency judgments. Our aim is to first work with borrowers to help them to begin making regular payments again. If we are successful, the value of the loan should increase, reflecting a ‘performing’ loan status, and we will have the option to sell the loan at a higher value than acquired. Alternatively, we have the right to foreclose on a property, which we would then sell at or close to market value. Our primary geographical focus is in secondary and tertiary markets primarily in the Southeast, Southwest, Mid and Northwest. The senior members of our mortgage debt team have been acquiring and servicing mortgages since days of the Resolution Trust Corporation in the late 1980’s.