Ecoreal Estate
Revolutionizing Real Estate Investment through Ecoreal Ethereum Token
Hard Asset:
While most Tokens are potentially a high risk , this is an investment into:
Negotiating Eco touristic historic villages in Spain, Portugal and Greece
Commercial Multi Tenant Office and Conferencing Center in Stuttgart, Germany. Rock Business Center is successfully paired with a $1.2 million annual turnover.
Branded Multi specialty hospitals in South Asia with an annual income of $2 million.
Project development of a cancer treatment facility exclusively for women and children in South Asia (which will be the first of its kind). It’s initial estimated income is $1 million.
Low Risk:
Be part of something without competition, with a stable and growing income.
Use of Funds:
100% of the funds collected will be invested to acquire assets which are under exclusive contracts.
Expanding on what is already a success.
Investor Benefits:
We will share our success with you by distributing the net revenue of all assets (after costs, expenses, management and taxes) to our ECOREAL token holders each year as part of a revenue share program.

Who we are
As capital markets are becoming global, real estate markets are no exception despite the difficulties posed by overseas investments.
No investor can overlook how the potential international investments hold out.
This establishes the need for a new decentralized solution to capitalize this potential.
Our Objective
is to introduce cryptocurrencies into this overly regulated and slow market to facilitate investments and transactions on a global scale.
We plan on achieving this through the utilization of the core principles of the blockchain, i.e fairness, accessibility, transparency and trust while applying them to the already existing and fully operational assets.
Fully licensed Rural Touristic Resorts in Spain, Portugal and Greece
A commercial building in one of the best locations of Germany. Healthcare in South Asia. More assets to join soon.

Market Cap
Volume 24h
Circ. Supply
208,918,852 ECOREAL
Total Supply
1,000,000,000 ECOREAL