There is an ancient Chinese proverb that goes: "When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills".

Financial market is a complex ecosystem that depends on a multitude of different factors, sectors and elements. During the last decade, the digital landscape of our world was changing with rocket speed. Innovations bringing us new technologies and products.

New startups and projects in the IT FinTech sector are already changing the rules on the financial market, making that market more open and robust. Adoption of a Blockchain technology is playing a major part in that transformation, moving us to the new era of the global digital economy. One of the first things that was conceived with the use of Blockchain technology was cryptocurrency.

Crypto market is nowhere near as old as the financial market, and is just at the beginning of its path, and is constantly evolving and adapting to the rapidly changing environment. Along with the crypto market itself, the analytical tools and practices that allow in-depth analysis of crypto assets have also evolved significantly.

Professionals and gurus of the crypto markets are already familiar with the screener-type of resources such as CoinMarketCap, CryptoCompare, CoinGecko and others. These screeners aggregate details and prices from a multitude of crypto exchanges and provide some additional analytical information on the listed assets. However, for the most part they just scratch the surface and don't do deep research on the listed assets. This approach can be explained by the simple fact that every day such a large number of new startups and projects are entering the market, it is very difficult to review and monitor them all, as well as update all the relevant information which may concern potential traders and investors.

In reality, what the use of Blockchain technology does for the investment environment is guaranteeing the stability of stored information (you cannot inflate or deflate the amount of shares, just like you cannot spawn additional Bitcoins out of nowhere), while securing the ownership rights for the token owners with the use of cryptography and unique digital signatures.

By now, probably everyone and their grandmother have heard about Bitcoins, altcoins and ICOs.

ICO (a.k.a. Initial Coin Offering) projects are using Blockchain technology for crowd-funding investment tokenization and management. The original idea was being able to provide investment and shares opportunity to everyone, regardless of how big or small their contribution was, while monitoring all the assets and redistributing the share profits across the funding network easily.

But along with the ICO boom the market was literally overflowed with scam and sham projects and startups.

The reason that happened on such a large scale is that there simply were no adequate resources and tools that could help potential investors and traders to conduct a proper analysis of the assets and companies releasing them. The classical financial market has a well-known history of rapid rises and sharp falls. And by now, the financial market has a huge regulatory and practice base to protect investors from malicious actors and fraud. Also, the classic financial market has a lot of well-established useful tools that help traders and investors in the decision-making process.

For example, every professional of the financial market has probably heard and used some of the most popular screener resources, such as FINVIZ, Investing, Yahoo Finance and TradingView. These resources provide analytical tools and information that are essential for successful work with the financial market. At Assetum, as a team of asset traders, real estate and IT specialists we have decided to focus on projects that work with tokenization in the real estate market sector. We are building ECC screener as a comprehensive resource to aggregate information and prices of all known real estate related crypto currencies and tokens, process them and provide convenient analytics to you so you can make an educated decision whether to trade or invest in selected asset.

Also, we are going to perform deep research on every startup and project involved in the real estate tokenization and listed on the website. Based on that research we will rank all of the listed tokens and assign them the corresponding risk and trust levels. Real estate tokenization is currently developing at faster than light speed. Literally every week new projects, startups, companies and funds are joining the market of tokenized assets, and as a potential trader or an investor, you need reliable resource that has essential tools to keep you in touch with the market trends. Our mission at Assetum is to be such a resource and give you the helping hand in the market of real estate tokenization.

So stay tuned, follow the Assetum newsletter for the updates, and let's explore the market of real estate tokenization together!