Stable Coins:
Among all blockchain coins and tokens, there are the Stables Coins.
This family of cryptocurrencies have been invented to stop the price uncertainty and speculative side of trading crypto assets.

There are 3 large groups of Stable Coins:

  • backed by fiat currencies or valuable assets,
  • backed by cryptocurrency
  • without collateral

Tether the most popular Stable Coins are all backed by FIAT currency based on USD.
Tether USDT has a 1:1 ratio, which means the value of Tether will always be equivalent to the value of a USD. Market cap of USDT has reached 2 Billions USD recently and is within the top 5 largest cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency DGX from DigixDAO is backed by real gold 999.9 (1 gram of gold to 1 coin). The entire gold fund reserve, for which coins were issued, is kept in a bank safe located in Singapore. The number of stablecoins on the account of the owner displays the real number of grams of gold in the bank

More info: CoinSwitch, Thaler.One, CBinsights

Real Estate Coins : Real Stable Coins
Real Estate assets are generally quite stable in price, and this is the reason why it is considered as the best investment for rich people.
The digitization of real estate into blockchain is becoming inevitable in 2019. We see actually hundreds of real estate funds moving into the blockchain technology.
The coins and tokens backed by a real estate portfolio have several advantages.
In addition to being stable in price, they gain value across the time with the revenues generated by the rent of the real estate assets. So the coins gain in value across the time when holding them.
The return offered by the real estate crypto funds varies usually between 4% and 10%.
SwissRealCoin (SRCis a good example, which is backed by a portfolio of Swiss real estate.