The real estate industry includes various different types of services. Each current blockchain projects is trying to revolutionize the real estate economy but not all are working on solving the same problems.

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Hotel Booking & Vacation Rental Marketplaces are improved when adopting blockchain. At this moment, LockTrip is the most advanced travel engine platform using blockchain. The travel industry can become a self-governed ecosystem with a 0% commission to book a property for your next Trip.

P2PPeer to Peer rental is a transparent rental application and price negotiation platform uniting tenants and landlords. It automates all the standard rental tasks from submitting personal information, customer offers and eSigning rental agreement to sending maintenance requests. RentBerry is offering such a platform with long term rental properties located worldwide.

Property ManagementReal Estate projects will be able to use the potentiality of blockchain technology to automate, dis-intermediate and make more transparent both typical and implicit processes during all steps of a Real Estate enterprise such as fund collection, design, creation and management. 

Each Real Estate project will be able to create its own blockchain with its own rules and features, according to the country and legislation of the project itself.BrickBit already proposes this possibility as a BrikBit side-chain. Record KeepingFor any kind of a high ­value property like real estate, it is important to have accurate records which identify the current owner and provide proof that he is indeed the owner. These records can be used to protect owners' rights (e.g. in case of theft) resolve disputes, make sure ownership is correctly transferred to a new owner after the sale and prevent sale fraud.

A blockchain­ based property ownership recording system eliminates most potential failures and attacks through transparency and use of cryptographic primitives for authentication. So it can be used to reduce reliance on trusted third parties, reduce costs (through automation) and reduce number fraud and errors. More info on

Real Estate MarketingNot all buyers & sellers visit real estate websites. ALL buyers & sellers visit Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube. So the idea is to publish properties to where consumers frequent most. The marketing network (also called «No-Portal ecosystem») publishes property listings via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), search engines (Google) and content marketing channels (YouTube). 

Each platform offers its own demographic and with marketing algorithm, property listings are optimized to maximize a property listing's best exposure. It is exactly what Coicio (previously Propify) is actually doing. Property Investment FundAssuming people can prove their identity, they could buy into a piece of property anywhere in the world, in their choice of language and currency, in a matter of minutes and with a high level of security. 

Blockchain could become a digital version of a global land registry, where millions of people could jointly own fractional parts of real estate assets across the planet. Max Property along with BlockImmo and BrickEx are already offering possibilities to buy Security and Utility tokens. Check it out Real Estate Stable CoinThe concept is very simple. The coins are backed by a portfolio of real estate and Fiat worth the exact amount of coins in circulation. Example: The stable coin fund has several real estate assets at accumulated price 8M$ and a Fiat deposit account loaded with 2M$. In this case, the stable coin issue 10M$ coins to secure a price 1 Coin = 1$

More Big Data, Domotics, real estate events, VR/AR are also under rising of blockchain projects adoption.

The entire real estate industry is concerned with blockchain integration. A lot of projects will probably fail but we hope some will success to bring the revolution they are promoting.