Real Estate crypto coins are in a very early stage of maturity. This part of the blockchain-based market is facing several problems at the moment.

There are more than 150 Real Estate Coins available online and over 200 related ICOs ready to be released to public during 2019.

The first problem is that among all of these new coins and tokens, over 40% are scam and sham.
The second problem is that about one third of the coins are based on poor ideas and concepts, coming from non-professionals and people not actually involved in real estate business. So to put it simply, these projects and startups are highly unlikely to see the light of day or bring any profits to the coin holders and investors.
And finally, the third big problem is that most of the real estate coins are not sold on any trustworthy and popular exchanges.

Taking the above problems into consideration, as it is right now, real estate coins and tokens are very risky investment without performing a deep analysis of the market.

At Assetum we are a passionate team of Blockchain specialists, traders, real estate and IT professionals, and we aim to review and investigate all aspects of the current and upcoming coin and token offerings in order to present detailed and accurate information to the public.

We aim to list as many reliable projects as possible. And we want to offer you a good overview and analysis of the real estate Blockchain segment.

All coins and tokens are essentially offering diverse ideas - some are applying Blockchain technology to real estate funding, while others are trying to revolutionize the rental system.
We also see some teams working on solutions to introduce buyers and sellers of properties directly to each other without any brokerage intermediaries to reduce the third party costs involved when performing real estate transactions.
And a lot more of fresh ideas and concepts are sprouting in this new economy.

The majority of real estate coins are using the Ethereum ERC20 network. But we also find coins using entirely different platforms like Stellar, Waves or less famous networks.

The growth in term of market capitalization for the real estate coins is very rapid and massive over the last years.
Since we have started working on Assetum website on January 1st 2019, the capitalization of the market have already doubled for the top 20 real estate coins, and has increased from 45 Million USD to 95 Million USD by March 1st 2019. So there is a lot of profit to gain by investing in good candidates of this new market.

Keep an eye on the Real Estate Coins together with us at Assetum and surf this new segment to become a crypto billionaire in the years to come!