Let’s make a projection of what could be a standard situation in the near future.

This morning of February 2020, David wakes up and as each morning, he is having a cup of coffee watching news. Then he opens his smartphone to check the situation of his digital real estate investments. David put last year a total of 300K USD on different real estate blockchain funds.

One fund named Swiss Digital Bricks (SDB) is backed up by real estate apartments located in Switzerland. He has 200K$ on this fund and he sees his guaranteed 7% return on investment hitting his digital wallet monthly. Nothing very surprising, SDB fund has been awarded most stable and secure crypto investment for the 3 last years consecutively.

Then David is checking his second investment on the same app. It was a promising but risky investment on commercial real estate located in Nigeria. The promise from this ‘Nigerian Offices Coin’ (NOC) was to deliver up to 16% ROI on the money invested into the fund. But after holding 50K USD equivalent in NOC for 6 months, he received only 1250 USD equivalent in NOC. David is now thinking to liquidate his Nigerian Offices Coin by selling them on Assetum exchange.

But there is one problem. Price of his NOC has dropped down by 10% since he bought them last year. So his 50K USD investment worth now only 45K USD + 1250 USD he earned in return during the last 6 months holding these coins. He is hesitating. Should he sell all his NOC now and accept the loss of 3750 USD or should he continue to hold them.. ?!?

David decides to read the latest news released by this NOC fund, and the team behind this project has given an interview to the notorious Assetum News journal yesterday. They announced the acquisition of new offices located in the financial district of Lome that will bring an amazing 21% yield return. « By 2022 we will back to the promised 16% ROI » said Joshua Anatoli the CEO of NOC real estate fund. And the NOC team announced that price will regain some value in a very near future as the fund will open access to investors from China. So the demand for NOC should grow consequently. After this reassuring news, David decides to hold his NOC for some more months.

The last tokens David owns in his wallet are the ATUM tokens. This real estate fund has a mix of assets. One part is based on real estate assets located worldwide. The second part of the assets is a portfolio of the most trusted real estate tokens available on the market. So the ATUM token is very secure, stable and price grows slowly accordingly with the global real estate market valuation. David had invested 50K$ on ATUM tokens 1 year ago. And the total valuation of his ATUM tokens worth today 57K$.

In total, David has made 14K$ with SDB, lost 3750$ with NOC and won 7K$ with ATUM. His 300K$ investment in digital real estate brought him 17250$, a net ROI of 5,75%.
All of this has been done through the simple Assetum mobile app. From home, with nothing more than a few clicks.