The global real estate industry is changing dramatically with a new class of digital assets Thaler.One is offering a brand new approach to investment in the world real estate market. A complex platform has two main divisions:

A Fund regulated under the laws of the European Union

A Marketplace for listing of real estate assets

What a problem is Thaler.One solving Recently access to the global real estate market had just extra rich people who were ready to invest at least $1 000 000. Investors suffered from low market flexibility and didn’t have a chance to buy and sell real estate assets quickly and easily. Thaler.One platform is changing situation offering fully regulated securities, low transaction costs and opportunity to invest globally through a token.

How can I benefit?

  • Cheap entry to the largest asset class in the world evaluated over $200 trillion through a token
  • A stable income of up to 20% that results from real estate rental and operating income of online platform
  • Building an individual real estate portfolio
  • Fast and easy entry and exit
  • Full control and transparency into blockchain

Landlords can enjoy own benefits:

  • Access to new investors worldwide
  • High-speed sale
  • Maximum market prices
  • Learn more visiting THALER.ONE website: