The first and foremost question always asked by new traders or investors who wants to get into this market and start trading the real estate related coins is "Where exactly can I buy and sell these digital assets?"

The answer to this question is quite easy. You need to use an exchange service, also called trading platform. If you are not familiar with Forex-style online asset trading, the choice of a good exchange can be a real maze to solve.

Let's review the different aspects you should take into consideration, when picking the platform to work with and registering to an online exchange service.

The first thing to do is to select the assets to invest in, and take a look at corresponding exchange services offering them for sale, unless the assets are offered with direct means of investment from coin or token owners.

In fact, as of right now there are more than 16,200 exchanges available online when it comes to crypto-currency trading. Although less than 100 among them actually offer the possibility to trade in real estate related coins.

Then come the obvious concerns regarding security and trustability of the exchange service you want to use. Historically, as you might know, many online exchanges have been hacked one way or another, were outright scams or went bankrupt under shady circumstances.

So in order not to loose your fiat and crypto currency deposits, it is a high priority and very important endeavor to investigate the reliability of the exchange service you would like to work with.

Focus on the legal aspect of the exchange first - are they licensed and regularized by law? If that's the case, by laws of which country the exchange service company is registered and regulated? How long this exchange is operating on the market? What is the general online feedback regarding this exchange service and its operations?
This is the kind of questions you should ask yourself before you open an account with the service and make a deposit.

Another aspect to take into consideration are the legal terms and conditions of the exchange service you are reviewing. Not all of the exchanges offer the same trading conditions and dispute resolution rules. The transaction (service) fees can and will vary from one exchange to another.
The volume of daily transactions, along with the amount of active users are also important figures to take note of.
Additional automation options are also quite important - some services allow to trade only manually, while others allow the use of customizable trading scripts (bots) to automate your trading strategies so the trading can happen literally while you sleep.

And last but not least, there is the crucial currency aspect of supported deposit and withdrawal options of the exchange service in question. Most of online exchanges with no meaningful banking solution backing them up support deposits only in crypto-currency. It literally means that first you have to buy the crypto-currency somewhere else (another exchange service or directly from sellers).

So first you have to obtain some Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), LiteCoins (LTC), BitcoinCash (BCH), or other alternative crypto-currencies (a.k.a. "altcoins") through external dealers like online banks (Revolut would be a good example), or straight up popular online exchanges like Kraken, Coinbase and other intermediaries that accept your fiat currency.

Very few reliable exchanges accept fiat currencies like USD, EUR, RUR, CNY as a direct bank deposit option. And even less allow you to deposit straight from your debit or credit card due to very high amount of fraud.

In 2018 and prior, we have seen the development and rise of new breed of crypto-currencies called stable coins, like USDT (USD Tether), GUSD (Gemini Dollars) and DAI, which are clearly bringing a revolutionary approach to cryptocurrency trading and digital asset relocation.

They allow full stability of the deposits, while removing intermediaries like banks and provide a lot of handy Blockchain features to operate your digital assets.

At Assetum besides improving the website itself along with analytical tools for the prominent traders, we are currently working on the Assetum Exchange project, which is essentially an exchange service, dedicated to trading in real estate related digital assets and we aim to solve all problems and concerns mentioned above.

We strive to deploy a user-friendly exchange service that unifies all of the relevant and trustworthy Real Estate Coins on a single stable, trustable and regulated trading platform.

So stay tuned and subscribe to our Assetum Exchange newsletter for the news on our upcoming exchange service project to be among the first to know when it goes live!