One of the new revolution in real estate meeting blockchain technology is certainly the rental platforms.


We have seen recently the surge of new short and long term rental platforms. There are few new startups in the blockchain industry that are dreaming big. They wish to compete with the giants like AirBnb. And they might success to kill the world leaders of rental services.


The plan is quite simple. They try to put directly in contact the Hosts and Tenants without any intermediary. This is cutting down 100% of the fees usually invoiced by service providers and middlemen.


Here is a short presentation of the two most advanced candidates in this new segment:


1) BeeNest based on BeeToken.

BeeNest is a Decentralizing Short-Term Housing Rentals. Blockchain Powered Platform With 0% Commissions, Network Effects, Bank-Level Security, and Immutable Reviews.



They are a mix talented team of former employees from Google, Facebook, Uber, and Civic re-imagining the sharing economy. Together, they are building Beenest and the Bee Protocols based on the Ethereum blockchain.

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RentBerry - A Global Home rental Platform

Rentberry is a transparent rental application and price negotiation platform uniting tenants and landlords. It automates all the standard rental tasks from submitting personal information, customer offers and eSigning rental agreement to sending maintenance requests.

Nowadays, the platform operates all around the US, covers nearly 5,000 cities, and processes more than 4,000 applications and 180,000 ads per month. In a response to franchise requests from all around the globe, Rentberry plans an expansion to Europe and Asia in the next few years.

Since 2015, Rentberry has managed to raise $4M in seed funding from high-profile investors and VC funds coming from 11 countries and 19 US states.

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In term of investment for Real Estate coin traders, we can say that the tokens are really profitable. Both, BEE Token and BERRY coins have seen an increase higher than 200% in price since the public launch and the end of ICO turn. The daily traded volume is also constantly growing and the number of Exchanges where those coins are tradable is also increasing.

Recently, BeeNest has attracted 10 Million USD from private investors and Rentberry 4 Millions USD in late 2015.

The battle is open and both companies are settled on the fast track lane to the moon.