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Assetum platform aim to provide a better clarity about the Real Estate Coins economy.
We reviewed, classified and ranked real estate blockchain projects for you.
The idea is to make a friendly environment where investors can overview and access a market dedicated to all real estate cryptocurrencies.
We created an Exchange for this specific category of coins, as well as a Ranking and a news area for centralizing information.

The Digital Real Estate market has a market cap rapidly growing and new start ups are joining the movment each month. So we decided to bring some structure into this emerging category of coins and tokens.

All information provided on our website is verified and comes from reputable exchanges, trusted sources, and coins api.
Our team
Our team is young and experienced with mixed talents. Finance, Real Estate, Blockchain and Coding is our passions.
We are all united to deliver you a safe market place dedicated to real estate blockchain economy.
With the help of generous investors, we can work everyday on Assetum and offer our own regulated and licensed Exchange.
Arnaud Gueulet
Founder of KievStones Real Estate Agency. With an MiBA in finance, he is trading cryptocurrencies since 2012. Currently he is "Assetum Exchange" CEO.
Anton Artemyev
Passionate software engineer and entrepreneur. Have more than 6 years of practical experience in IT industry
Oleksandr Koliadych
Have a great experience in analytical field. Last few year worked with FinTech products. Trying to bring all benefits of Blockchain technology to revolutionize and make movable real estate market.
Alexander Yershov
Front-end engineer
Alex has a plenty of experience in full stack technologies. He is focused on front-end development, especially in React.
Valera Petrusenko
DevOps Engineer
Valera is a DevOps engineer with a plenty of experience in full stack technologies. He is focused on backend development and platform deployment.
Nicolas Caiserman
Project Manager
Currently Project manager at Assetum Exchange, Nicolas has 5+ years experience working on several projects and delivering successfully Exchanges. His latest released project is
Oleksandr Geffen
UI & UX Designer
Oleksandr has massive experience in many areas of artwork as well as strong knowledge of design theory
Louis Bellet
Co-Founder at Openware
Helping any companies scaling and managing their applications onto modern cloud infrastructures.
Camille Meulien
Co-Founder at Openware
I'm specialized in high traffic websites architectures, distributed systems and Big Data, Search Engine technologies, Cloud computing, Agile and Startup mindset.
Our offices
Management and legal Office
is in France
14 rue de Mantes 92700 Colombes
Dev Office
is located in Ukraine
Pushkinskaya 31b, 21000 Kiev